Since I’ve been interested in programming, I have been meeting people who say that they couldn’t imagine more boring thing, which you can do in your life than being software developer. I believe if you code as well, you also hear opinions like this. Have you ever wondered why that is? A lot of people don’t know anything about our job. Usually, if I start conversation about this topic, I have a few my favorite arguments. Of course, everything has also pros and cons but today I would like to tell you about the latter.

Something what I love in this job is the fact that every time, when I change employer or project, I start working with new domain. Please show me more jobs, which give you a chance to get knowledge on so many different fields. Particularly it affects people who work accordingly to domain-driven-design approach what gives us the biggest chance to get deep into knowledge about the domain. In my career, I worked on solutions for education, banks, hardware management and many more. All of them were different but in each cases it was very interesting moment when I was starting work with new topic.

Do you know this feeling when you succeed with difficult challenge, and you love to experience it? Maybe you are a person who loves riddles. Do you like to find solutions for sophisticated issues? If one of those cases is true you would understand why this job isn’t the most boring thing you can do. Software developers, who really like their work are never bored, it is also advantage. There is always something to read or try to do. Don’t you have a few ideas everyday? Neither do I. Even though I don’t implement them, I think a lot about potential issues which I could meet during programming, and later I resolve them. I believe, it’s the best way to improve skills.

It is said that it’s awesome feeling, when you have some project done and it’s being used by customers – I agree it’s nice. I like story when I was to party I met a woman, who was a teacher. It was a few years after I worked on software for education, during conversation it transpired, that she had been using application, which I wrote. On the other hand, it makes me happy, when after long period of development things which we have been working on for long time works.

Unfortunately, as I wrote above everything also has pros and cons. Usually it’s not easy to find way, which allows to tell the story of your pursuit of invalid request, which caused all of those errors! But fortunately, most of us have different hobby which are probably much more interesting and it’s easier to explain why it’s cool.